The traceability of diamonds

Until today, customers were able to know their diamonds’ cut and carat, but they could not have any reassurance about the mining conditions behind their gemstones: were they ethical or not?

From this year on, consumers will be able to know the country and the region their gemstones come from, as long as they have been recently mined and their size exceeds 0,18 carat.

The traceability of diamonds is particularly challenging, because the gems change hands many times until they reach the showroom. Some jewelers are starting to tackle the issue including provenance into their marketing, and some of them are even embracing blockchain technology to provide more information about their diamonds’ origins and offer a permanent, tamper-proof digital record.

However, this is still a challenging task, because many diamond companies are still very vague about their mining and manufacturing processes. Unfortunately, it seems like for the time being there is no way to ensure that the sourcing data provided by the dealer are actually reliable.

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