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We source our diamonds / gems / jewellery directly from the diamond / gems / jewellery manufacturers in a real time, yes correct our system are integrated with the manufacturers directly that produced / mined the products globally which means we can offer the stones at a much competitive price.


When you purchase a diamond with us and makes a payment online, the manufacturers ship to us and we deliver to you. So, once you make a payment, we secure your diamond from the manufacturer in real time. For a reason if a diamond is not available, we have a pool of thousands of diamonds from our manufacturers we can offer you to choose from those, so it matches best of your requirement. Likewise, it works with the jewellery and gems as we source it forms the manufacturers in real time. Only the difference is we confirm the product is available for gemstones and jewellery and then you make a payment.

(Kindly note we do not hold any stocks at these addresses and these addresses not to be used to return the products, please read our returns, and refund policy in below FAQ’s).

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